Edgewood Pool
We are trying something new this year with registering for a pool membership.  If you want to renew your membership, just follow the details below.  If you are not planning on renewing OR you want to join with another option (eg, switch from family to single member), please send us an email.

1) You should see a login link in the upper right hand corner of this page.

2) Click on "Forgot password" to retrieve your password via email.

3) Once you have changed your password and logged in, click on “View profile” under your name.

4) Click on the “Renew until October 1, 2018” button

5) Update your information (including age of kids) and click "Update and next"

6) Click "Confirm"

7) If paying by check, print out page and mail to address listed.  If paying by credit card, click "Pay online" and process payment via PayPal.

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